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The Government of Botswana has set as one of the strategies, The Botswana Development Training Programme to train citizens in various skills and professions to meet manpower requirements of the growing economy.

The Botswana Development Training Programme can be divided into two broad-based categories:

  • Pre-Service Training is targeted to candidates, the majority of whom are recent senior secondary school leavers. The Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) has the responsibility to administer the Government’s grant/loan scheme under which financial assistance can be obtained for post-secondary study.
  • In-Service Training is aimed at serving officers. Government ministries/departments having identified areas of human resources scarcity provide training that is appropriate to the needs of the service. In-service training is coordinated under the direction of the Directorate of Public Service Management through the Training and Development Division.

The role of the Office of Education Attaché is to administer scholarship programs funded by the government of Botswana. The scholarship program is guided by operational guidelines/procedures outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement and the Guidelines on Procedures Governing Scholarship Administration for pre-service students. The Bond Memorandum, Directives, the Training Management Handbook, and the General Orders lay down the rules and regulations guiding in-service training.

The role of the Office of Training Attache is to facilitate, develop and monitor partnerships between education institutions in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean islands and Botswana. Partnerships or collaborations include such activities as student/lecturer exchange programs, curriculum design, capacity building, public/private partnerships, etc. The ofiice works closely with the Botswana Education Hub in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development on such projects as Top Achievers Program, Study in Botswana, and Adopt a School Project.

Academic Institutions

Relevant Forms for Botswana Students

There is presently no provision for electronic processing of the forms provided. Users should download, print and send back by post to the relevant office at the Embassy.


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